Understanding the Acne Process

Everyone has had problems with acne when growing up. Acne is a very common skin disorder but not a lot of people know exactly how acne is formed. As a matter of fact the real cause of acne remains unknown. There are thousands of acne products claiming to be the prefect acne solution but without knowing how acne is formed, how will you know that their claims is true? This article will discuss how acne is formed and the common factors that often trigger acne.

Let us start off by understanding how acne is formed. Acne starts when your immune system fights off the increasing numbers of acne causing bacteria. A lot of people believe that the P.Acnes bacteria is the main cause of acne. That is not true. This type of bacteria is a natural resident of your skin and can be found on the skin of every individual. The problem starts when the acne bacteria starts to multiply. The growing number of bacteria inside your pores poses a threat to your body. As a response to this threat, your body will then release its immune defenses to contain the overgrowth. This is the time when you experience the sign and symptoms of acne.

The acne bacteria starts to multiply, when dead skin cells and hardened oil cover your pores. This prevents the produced oil from reaching the surface. The trapped oil is then converted to fatty acids and use it as a means to multiply. The acne bacteria alone cannot cause acne.

Some of the factors that can trigger acne attacks includes foods that contains dairy, processed sweets, milk, and sometimes greasy foods. Your diet plays a huge role in the formation of acne. Though diet does not directly cause acne, it triggers the over production of oil in your sebaceous glands making your acne worse and causing more acne outbreaks.

Aside from your diet, studies show that stress can also cause acne. When you are in a stressful situation, your brain releases hormones that can also trigger oil production. This is the main reason why you get acne days before an important event. To avoid acne, it is important that you find ways to reduce stress. Taking short breaks during work and at the same time getting enough sleep is important. True enough that acne can cause stress and emotional turmoil but don’t let it beat you. Find ways to get rid of acne by doing your own research.