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Shipping & Returns

Do not charge your credit card for anything to technical equipment. We send you a confirmation email and a piece of truck and charge time when ordering. Set the time after delivery. In most cases, the boat will pass before the Eastern time on the same day.

This standard comes in 2 to 6 days from the first shipping date.

Please add time to the market, you will be choosing 5 business days.

2 Air is removed within 2 working days.

Air will be installed within 1 business day when shipped.

Required signature or value package over $ 1300. Aaa / FPO: Ship Crocodile / FPO address Wallet Standard vessel used. At present, these are crocodiles, boxes or protected countries in the United States or internationally.

- Return shipping

- Stocks are usually around 2-6 working days. This term does not include weekends and holidays.

- The current order is from Monday to Friday. The service was available on Saturdays.

- By submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation of your delivery and tracking number for your email package.

- Tax laws applicable to sales tax in countries where defendant is valid.

- We will launch the US, Alaska and Hawaii lands.

- We will launch an address or fire / FPO.

- Free fast forward shipping Added: Your order will usually be shipped 24 hours on the same day if placed at work before 14:00 (Mon-Fri).

- The fee for returning any number of questions on the 5 dollar shipping package will be lost from you.

Monogram item

Please add time to the market, you will be choosing 5 business days.

Limit people to letters, they are considered as final sale and can be changed or refundable